Leeds Sports Academy works with both schools and Sainsbury’s school games to offer schools the chance to progress with specific teaching within PE lessons which follow onto inter-school tournaments.

LSA school tournaments involve several schools competing against each other in a variety of different sports across each year group.

in 2015/16 we are working with schools from leeds who are taking part in both national and LSA school tournaments.

our 2015/16 year looks like this:

Activity Start End Competition Year
Athletics 14th September 19th October 2nd Nov YEAR 6
Basketball 2nd November 7th December 11th Jan YEAR 4
Gymnastics 4th January 8th February 25th Feb YEAR 3
Netball 22nd February 28th March 29th March YEAR 5
Dance 18th April 23rd May 27th April YEAR 2
Multi Skills 6th June 11th July 15th May YEAR R
Football 6th June 11th July 12th July YEAR 1

Leeds Sports Academy school tournaments are highly-delivered and well organised. All of our tournaments are both fun for all the pupils, as well as having a focus on development.

If your school is interested in taking part in LSA school tournaments, please email or call 0113 224 9331.