Leeds Sports Academy believes PE lessons should be safe, fun, relevant, educational and achievable for all children. We use the national curriculum to plan the sessions alongside working directly with the school to meet their priorities and needs. We regular work with schools to plan schemes of work, evaluate lessons, and set realistic and measurable targets for children in PE.

We understand that all pupils are different, and we evalaute all our pupils and track their journey throughout their academic year. We place children into 3 catergories of strivers, strugglers and copers. We work specifically with each of these 3 groups and ensure no group is getting missed. Every pupil in an LSA PE lesson not only enjoys each lesson, but they achieve and develop.

Working alongside the school in this educational journey, our staff will be able to provide timely feedback to children, termly updates to the teacher and offer insight into support or additional help children may need


  • 1 hour pe lesson
  • 2 hour half day of pe
  • Full curriculum support
  • Full day
  • Legacy package
  • CPD package
  • Workshops to improve teachers knowledge of PE
  • All workshops include 6 weeks worth of plans at a chosen sport

If your school is interested in leeds sports academy working with you, please email billy@leedssports.co.uk or call 0113 224 9331.